Slipknot “We Are Not Your Kind” Album Review

10 August 2019
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This is it, maggots! The ‘Knot is here and they’re darker than ever. Long awaited record of Iowan nine ( we are not your kind) released yesterday and it already considered as one of the best metal records of the year.

Latest journey of the band began with the single “All Out Life” and as you know album title is coming from the line from that song. We are not your kind. They claimed that. And with the release of the whole record, they proved it. This record is something different. Believe me.

First of all, WANYK is an experimental record. Being experimental could be dangerous. Looks like they took a huge step and performed their leap of faith. I’m happy that they did. And I hope all the maggots out there are happy too with this result.

Experimentation on this record is not unfamiliar. However, We are experiencing different tunes with Slipknot atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere; WANYK is ‘Knot’s most atmospherical record. And I’m incredibly delighted by that. In my ranking of Slipknot records, “5: The Gray Chapter” was above “Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses” because of the atmosphere of it.

The integrity is even more progressed on this record. In fact, WANYK is even more of a complete record than their first two. Yes, I said that. WANYK feels more complete than the self-titled record and Iowa. Honestly, I’m surprised by that. Their second record Iowa was one of the darkest shit I’ve ever heard. This is darker. So, be prepared for it before you hit the play button.

You will go inside the ‘Knot’s bigger and progressed world with “Insert Coin”. As all the maggots know, Slipknot always have short openers. They love it. And we love it also. I even like more this one . It’s like a creepy video game opener. It feels like you’re going in a different world, a spooky one. After one and a half minute, “Unsainted” kicks in.

The one that divide them all. The fans, I mean, the maggots. Because when it released as a first single of the album, everyone lost their shit. However Some of them loved it, some of them hated it. I even read a comment on Corey Taylor’s Instagram page directly to him and said;

“You took one of the biggest bands of the world and made it your own solo project.” For me; I don’t understand all the hate. It’s a great song and it’s melodic.

Just like “Wait and Bleed” or “Sulfur”. So, what’s all the fuss about? Jay’s drumming, riffing and vocals are great. Melodic choir is something different and it fits right in. Unsainted was a good first single and it’s a good album opener.

“Birth of the Cruel” was the third single and it’s the second song on the album (except the opener, of course) and it’s a killer one. “Sick, sickened, I’m sickening, I’m stricken by the fist / Blessed are the fires that have burned me/ Listen to this, the lesson is, never underestimate the agony”. Corey is a genius when it comes to writing powerful lyrics. And this is not the only example. Can’t wait to give more.

When “Death Because of Death” kicked in, I felt confused. Because I realised that it was a short intro for another song and I wanted it to last a little longer. Then there is “Nero Forte”. One of the best tracks on the album.

And I feel like that I will use this definition a lot. The opening riff is absolute banger. On that riff the drums are blasting and Corey is screaming… That’s what a maggot wants, man. And the chorus is gold, definitely.

Album leaked before it released. Just two or three days ago, more or less. “Critical Darling” was the song that I couldn’t help myself to listen. No regrets. But As a drummer, I banged the air drums hard. Jay Weinberg is not Joey Jordison, I admit that.

But he is being himself and this is good. I mean I’m still headbanging to that drums, no need another explanation. If you listened this far, you would probably know that WANYK has Corey’s most catchy and powerful clean vocals. I believe that he can sing us to sleep and also scare us to death.

A Liar’s Funeral” is a different material. Some songs are hard to listen, this is one of them. Not because it’s unlistenable. It’s harsh. Moreover, Corey said that this song has some Bowie vibes. Well, it has it or not, I’m surprised and extremely pleased by that song.

“Spiders” and “My Pain” is where the experimentation kicks in. These two songs dissapointed some of the maggots. I’m pissed about it, just because they tried something differend it does not mean that it sucks.

I bet they didn’t even listen whole of the songs. Spiders is catchy, extremely atmospherical. And My Pain is the creepiest song on the record. I think you should be happy to hear such songs by this band.

“Red Flag” and “Orphan” are the songs that I specifically mention. When Red Flag was playing, I felt such a strong self-titled vibes. Moreover, The drums, the vocals and riffs are just like it came from ’99. So satisfying. And, I will say it proudly; Orphan is one of the catchiest Slipknot songs. It was pummeling and for me,and the second best song of this monster of an album.

Just before the ending, “Not Long For This World” starts playing. It has the Vol.3 vibes all over and this is brilliant. The chorus and the riffing on that chorus is phenomenal. It was a good preparation before the big fat “Solway Firth”.

In conclusion, I’m saying it proudly, “Solway Firth” is among the best songs of Slipknot. One of the strongest tracks by them and it tops so many historically important Slipknot songs. However Needless to say, best song on the album is this one. The meaning behind it is extremely personal for Corey Taylor. That’s why it’s the most personal, deepest and strongest song on the record.

“While I was learning to live, we all were living a lie
I guess you got what you wanted”

This kind of deep.

“It’s always somebody else, and somebody else was me
You want the real smile?
Or the one I used to practice not to feel like a failure?”

And this kind of personal.

It’s quintessential Slipknot.

I feel like I have to sum up. I could write pages for this record. It just released and it already became something special for me.

Honestly, I feel like I’m witnessing the history being written. “We Are Not Your Kind” is not only the best record of this year so far, but it also possibly the best album that Slipknot has ever recorded. Rejoice, maggots!


-just listen this whole damn thing.