Why Does Self-Awareness Matter?

10 January 2019
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Modern media is mostly based on social media and there are various purposes for usage. Self-entertainment, to stay in touch with close friends and family members, stay up to date with news, to research, to share opinion and most importantly; creating an awareness on something. As an example, social movements increased lately and most of these social movements started with social media. Basically, with a little thing called ‘hashtag’. So many social movement accomplished great conclusions. This is a brilliant proof for how online social movements translate to offline results. ‘#blacklivesmatter’ was a social movement and started with social media, with hashtags. I believe many of you have already seen the offline results of it. Media was the ‘Fourth Estate’ for a long time. With these efficient conclusions, we can consider new media’s arrival as the end of ‘Fourth Estate’.

Self awareness

So, if the purpose is create an awareness, how should we start? First stop for any kind of awareness is; self-awareness. We have to be self-aware to see and comprehend. This will not just help you, this will increase you to the upper level. Discovering the power inside you may be the solution for many problems. Mankind has unlimited power that they still unawared of. It’s inside you, it’s your spiritual power. Actually we’re all ‘something more’. There are more than meets the eye, believe me.

There are more than meets the eye,

People should be awared of their own humanity. In connection with this, they should also be awared of nature itself. Human psychology is direclty connected with nature. Let’s not forget that fact. While we keeping this in mind, we should also draw attention about more than humanity too. As I said, there are more than meets the eye.

The Bigger Picture

How can we define ‘universe’?


Eternity is a puzzle

Everlasting space full of stars?

Calm sky with glittery stars always bring thought of hope.

Maybe colors we have never seen?

May be our eyes are not sensitive or alert for many colours

Can we say deep black? Immeasurable darkness?

Or maybe, there are aliens?

Alien could be a open secret

How we define ‘universe’ doesn’t matter. As long as we define it somehow. We should try to know about universe and we should also know why it matters to all of us. It matters because, it’s beyond our comprehension. Maybe you can’t understand the universe entirely, but your attempt to understand it, will expand your mind. The world is waking up so as we, day by day. Expanding our perspective will help us.

As people on earth, we always stumble on little rocks. We never see the bigger picture because we always find little and unimportant things to become obsessed. We have to embrace ourselves as a living beings, feet upon the ground. Because this is a fact. But this does not mean that we are just physical creatures. We should embrace our desires, embrace our feet upon the ground with also realization of our true power. That’s how we can be perfectly balanced. That’s why self-awareness is a first stop for many things. Creating an awareness and serving up a helping hand requires enlightenment.

Self awareness is like be aware of our own colours


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