Post-Pandemic Future of Fashion

21 September 2020
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After the unexpected coronavirus pandemic, many industries evolved in different ways. Such as fashion. Some of the main actors got face to face with the reality that they can’t maintain their jobs as they used to do. Many physical sectors collapsed and digital businesses developed in several industries.


However, at the beginning of the pandemic experts defined their vision of the “post-pandemic period” as “the time of the values”. People predicted The post-pandemic future of fashion with all new thoughts : In their opinions, with this pandemic, humanity would have realized the real meaning of life and so will avoid wasting their money or other assets to unnecessary things such as fashion?

Even at this very point, you may determine their wrong point of view. For decades, people have been tending to think that fashion is just about dressing well, spending a huge amount of money on just logos, and following trends. Nevertheless, it means much more than this definition.

That’s why after the quarantine there were queues at the re-opening of Louis Vuitton shops in China. That’s why there were hundreds of people on the first day of the re-opening of shopping malls in Turkey. Are they all crazy? The answer is simply “no”.

re-opening of Louis Vuitton shops in Chin

Many people think that fashion is just about dressing well. This is somehow true and somehow wrong. Fashion is indeed about dressing well but also about self-expression. When it comes to a woman, think about a night that she cried like a river. What would this woman do the next day after that night? She’d probably wear her best clothes, her high heels on, and do her makeup by putting her best smile on her face.

‘Cause at the end of the day she knows that life goes on and somehow she must show to firstly herself after everyone that she is still strong and whatever happens to her, she will get through with it. This was just one simple example, but you may duplicate the examples for all kinds of situations.

That’s why men wear their best clothes on their first date. To show that woman/man that they’re classy, clean, and self-confident. You may deny but besides our genders, fashion is important for everyone, every time. So experts were wrong about something. The new age will be indeed about values but as long as self-expression will be necessary, so the fashion will be.

Fashion evolved through out the history

Then which instruments will change after this period?

My answer is many of them. For the first time in history, brands started to design masks. This is the simplest example. How about the other trends that will tend to become more important day by day? I believe that many fashion companies realize their false about sustainability.

After this period as the all industries will evolve more sustainable, fashion will be also. When you think about some brands’ burning events just because of not doing discounts from their exclusive products, you may understand the necessity of a sensibility. And for sure, their consumers will expect such alterations like that from the brands that they use.

Secondly, I hope that there will be a decrease in the number of brands continue to use animal products such as fur and leather. After all is said and done, coronavirus didn’t come from space. I wish that humanity –includes fashion actors- may realize the dimension of their damage to the earth and environment.

Lastly, after this pandemic, it’s obvious that most of the companies will take some serious preventions in physically and digitally.

Physically, they will redesign their working environment and hygiene factors.

Digitally, if they do still not exist in the digital world, they may invest in high amount to their digital existence, e-commerce, and digital marketing elements.

    Post pendemic Fashion trends decreased the greed of luxury bags.

To sum up, after the coronavirus pandemic the world will change irreversibly. However, we can change our approaches to earth and our resources to be in harmony with the earth. Otherwise, after a couple of years, the new generation will memorialize their ancestors as selfish and thoughtless.

‘Cause remember, as long as the world will turn and human lives, we will need fashion. However, the earth doesn’t need us to live, we need to orientate with it, in order to survive.

Eda Ozceyhan

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