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The Best Piece of Advice for Online Learning

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Studying and working from home is one of the challenges we face during the pandemic since paying attention and staying motivated are difficult, as most of you can relate. So, here are the most realistic piece of advice to help you focus easily and self-motivate yourself during quarantine.


A routine will always help you plan your day and submit your assignments to deadlines. Every single morning; wake up, wash your face, dress up, and prepare yourself a breakfast. Staying in bed for days and watching movies are what we all -at least most of us- have done since the breakout of the pandemic and now it’s time to realize online education is not the end of the world. We can’t waste a single minute in bed doing nothing. Always keep a notebook or a planner and list all the things you have to do ’till the end of the week. Then, divide those into days realistically so that you will not be overwhelmed.


Always listen carefully to your teacher and learn in the class, not after it. You have to focus so that afterward you will not have to spend time trying to understand the subject while doing your homework. I know it is hard to focus on online lessons because your bed is behind and begging you to come back or your eyes get so tired from looking at the screen all day but at least show some effort to participate in your lessons.

After online school, resting is the best option because your eyes and your waist will be tired. You can not go to the gym but you can take the gym to your house. Working out daily will help you get in form, since Covid-19 limited our motion, and relax your mind.


A message from your crush or a like notification from your social media is an excuse for you to reach out to your phone and check it but actually, you are fooling yourself not to do the homework, which is due tomorrow. If you reach out your phone, you will probably end up watching Tik-Tok videos or just scrolling down the endless Instagram posts, which at that time you will not notice how much time has passed. The only way to focus on your lessons is by putting your phone away. By “away”, I don’t mean at the corner of your desk; I mean burying your phone in the garden -just kidding-. You can put your phone under your bed. The point is to get your phone out of your sight.

Online education is now a part of our lives even we are still in the process of adaptation. Studying at home will be way easier if we try our best and consider the word of advice I mentioned.

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