The Revenge Era of Women Singers

8 April 2023
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For centuries, revenge has been a popular theme in history, music expression ,  literature and film. The revenge theme of women singers is specifically prominent. Women, in particular, have been known to seek revenge against unfaithful partners in many forms. Even in history, we can see some cults like Nemesis. She was the goddess who punishes undesirable acts of human beings by taking revenge.

With the rise of female empowerment and the #MeToo movement, it’s not surprising that many women in the music industry are using their platforms to speak out about their experiences with infidelity and their desire for revenge.

Expression of women Revenge

With the voices that have become louder and louder every day, we learned the background of the insanity of some celebrities that we taught were disagreeable before.

One recent example is Miley Cyrus, who released a song called “Flowers”. in this song she sings about the end of a relationship in an unfaithful way. Critics specifically defined Miley as tuneless, rakish, and even crazy. After her divorce from her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, we learned the background of the story. Her husband  manipulated, intimidated, and betrayed Miley so badly.

So as an music expression of this madness, she was only trying to “be herself” in thousands of different forms. By staying away from the music industry for a quite long time and taking some time for herself. She has renewed herself, her soul, and apparently her life in this period.

Her latest song “Flowers” is a form of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”, which was the coupling song of Miley and Liam. She transmitted the rhyme of the song and wrote brand-new lyrics that describe a woman who has been hurt by her partner’s infidelity and is now seeking to take control of the situation and get revenge.

She also released the song on the birthday of her ex, Liam, as a quite clear and effective message. Miley has camouflaged so many other messages in the song and its video, but we summarize as she did;

As women, “We can buy ourselves flowers. Write our names on the sand. Talk to ourselves for hours and say things men don’t understand.”

Miley Cyrus depicts the Revange theme of women singers in her song

Similarly, as we learned from the news lately, Shakira’s husband Pique was betraying her for over 12 years. At first she cried, just like every human-being. But apparently, after she remembered that she is “Shakira” and wrote her latest song with full of hatred and anger.

Art has been the way of expression of feelings, thoughts, and moreover identity’s itself. Just like Miley, her song is about a woman who is in control of her own desires and isn’t afraid to seek revenge against a man who has wronged her.

Shakira portayed the Revange theme of women singers in her songs lyrics

These songs showcase not only the desire for revenge but also the power of women to take control of their own lives and emotions. These female artists are using their music in both aspacts. Their lyrics are showing a form of empowerment. This is the perfect example of the Revange theme of women singers Which is sending a message to their listeners that they too can overcome the pain caused by unfaithful partners. Eventually they come out stronger on the other side.

These artists are not only providing a form of catharsis for themselves but also for their fans and audience. These Revange ful lyrics in music expression are giving them the opportunity to relate to their emotions and experiences.


Just like they say, “Revenge is a dish best served loud”… Or, was it “cold”?

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